The Encore Wind Ensemble is a collection of some of the Twin Cities' top instrumentalists dedicated to the performance of traditional and contemporary masterworks for band.  It provides an opportunity for serious wind players and percussionists from the Minneapolis and St. Paul area to share in the highest level of musical expression and artistry.

ENCORE came together for the first time under the baton of Charles B. Olson on September 8, 1996 and was the culmination of several years of planning and dreaming. From the very first note, there was a sense of real excitement and enthusiasm in the group. Our goal is to reach the highest standards of wind band performance. 

Currently under the direction of Jerry Luckhardt, Encore strives to exist as a professional-level ensemble to promote band as an art form, as well as to encourage lifelong learning opportunities in music. As a model group for young musicians, Encore also advocates for music education in schools through its MusicConnect Programs and the creation of the Charles B. Olson Young Composers Contest. Finally, Encore serves as a venue for artistic and professional development among music educators.

Encore currently rehearses on Thursday evenings at Tartan High School.  Special thanks to Tony Didier, Tartan HS Band Director, for offering his band room for Encore to come together.