Position Vacancies (revised 8/27/19)

If you are interested in the current vacancies, complete an Audition Request form.

Seasonal Auditions auditions are be held each year in August at the University of Minnesota- School of Music in Ferguson Hall. The address is 2106 Fourth Street South, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Please complete the audition request below and someone will contact you to schedule an audition. If you are unable to schedule an audition at this time we will work with you to find another date to audition.

Currently Auditioning for Subs in ALL positions AND Vacancies for the following positions:

  • Baritone Saxophone

  • String Bass

  • Percussion

If you are interested in making an appointment to audition please fill out the "Audition Request" form.
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Audition Information 

The Piccolo, need we say more?

The Piccolo, need we say more?

If you are a post-collegiate woodwind, brass or percussion player in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and are interested in playing with a top-level wind ensemble, you may be a good candidate for Encore!

For the current season, substitute players are needed in all instrument categories and are invited to audition by appointment. All substitute players with Encore are required to audition. Substitutes are frequently needed for rehearsals and performances.

Auditions are typically held in the summertime but Encore will audition new candidates as needed. See below for more information

All attention focused on the music

Audition Details 

Encore requires that all auditions consist of two unaccompanied solo works of contrasting styles. Performers may choose their own pieces. Formal auditions are blind, or "behind the screen". The audition panel cannot see the performers or know their identities and thus attempt to remain unbiased in their selection. Auditioners will be directed to a warm-up room where they will be allowed to warm up until their audition time.

Encore Membership Policies

Accepted core members are expected to make an annual donation of $100 to the Encore Wind Ensemble to cover concert related expenses including the cost of promotion, artistic personnel, music, and rental equipment. Contributions by substitute players are welcomed and additional membership contributions are also encouraged. Core members who cannot make this annual donation may not be eligible to continue participating in the ensemble. Donations are not refundable in any circumstance.

The trombone section hard at work

Our director, Jerry Luckhardt, enjoying a fine rehearsal

Artistic Quality

Core members may be replaced at the discretion of the Encore's Artistic Director based on lack of compliance with the above-mentioned guidelines, in combination with additional artistic considerations in accordance with the mission of the Encore Wind Ensemble.


It will be expected that all players committed in writing to a specific concert season will be present at ALL rehearsals. A series of Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings starting at 7pm in the Tartan High School band room. If absolutely necessary, one rehearsal can be missed ,per concert cycle, as long as there is a qualified substitute* provided. If it is necessary for a player to miss more than one rehearsal, a permanent replacement may be made for that concert from available personnel.

A. If at any rehearsal there are any missing players, the rehearsal may be terminated by the conductor and the opportunity for sectional rehearsals can be initiated for the remainder of the rehearsal time.

B. Sectionals will be lead by a designated section leader.

C. For absences please contact the your section leader as soon as possible to get an early start on finding an approved substitute during your absence. As a courtesy, you may also notify the artistic director.

*Qualified Substitute - Preferences will be to have auditioned players as substitutes--however, at the discretion of the conductor non-auditioned players may be asked to play for a rehearsal or performance.